Patrizia Keller Design

line27 bedside table

The bedside table line27 puts the traditional handicraft of inlaid work in a modern context: The time-consuming and demanding handwork of inlaid carving is replaced by industrial milling machines and instead of textured wood for the filling material coloured and liquid spacing material is injected into the solid wood.

The bedside table is a pleasant supplement to the contemporary lower cut beds. The reduced and sober but nonchalant shape brings the fascinating colourful artwork in the natural ash wood into effect.

line27 offers enough storage space for personal objects inside the gentle closing drawer. Some clever details as the hollow on the top surface for depositing watches and jewellery or the graphic on the inner side of the drawer makes sure the surprise effect and the long-lasting application of the furniture.

solid ash wood, coloured spot filler

650 x 430 x 300 mm

Photos: Ron Kappeler