Patrizia Keller Design

secmex secretary

secmex is a clever secretary for the modern living nomad.
Composed of a couple of plate elements the desk is built and taken to pieces within a few easy steps any number of times. An Allen key suffices to unlock the joint and secmex is moved very simple and quickly.
Functional and smart in its shape secmex is the convenient place for the work with a laptop, smart phone & Co.. With its measurements the desk is ideal to place also in smaller rooms where a work area should be integrated.
In addition to the hinged shelf on top of the secretary there are storage possibilities in three drawer boxes for A4 documents, pencils and writing utensils and technical auxiliary equipment.
A cable outlet in the rear panel enables a comfortable electricity supply.
By pulling out the tabletop for another 20 cm to the blockage secmex provides moreover enough space for the daily home office work.

black sperracolor, birch plywood

1000 x 600 x 840 mm

Photos: Ron Kappeler