Patrizia Keller Design

bin rubbish station for the urban office

The more and more increasing urbanization drives working people to the supermarket or to a nearby take away for lunchtime. They take the meal along to the office in the typical white plastic bags from the reel. Afterwards the leftovers end up in the trash together with the plastic bag.

_About 8 millions of tons long-lasting plastic material gets into the sea each year.
_128 plastic bags are consumed per head in one year.
_On average a plastic bag is used for 25 minutes.

To diminish this wasteful and environmentally unfriendly waste of plastic material, bin provides the opportunity of a reuse of the plastic bag. In very few movements the plastic bag is fixed on the two lugs and in no time a rubbish station for the urban office is formed.

_bin is simple and functional
bin supports the environment
bin expresses vitality, an optimistic lifestyle and energy
bin fits in every office with its reduced form whereas the monochrome sidewalls conceal the plastic bag
bin encourages the sustainable

powder-coated steel

240 x 300 x 400 mm

Photos: Ron Kappeler